DCSMomSeries with Olusola David-Elegbede

Hello moms!

Our guest on today’s DCS Mom-series is Olusola David-Elegbede. A Make-Up artist par excellence and mother of 2 lovely daughters including our 40th Deluxe Baby – Morifeoluwa.

Hi Sola, welcome to the DCS Mom Series. Congratulations on your newest baby 🙂. So tell us, what motivated you take the decision to have your baby in the US and how did you go about it?

Better medical care and citizenship benefits and I used Deluxe Childbirth to go about the whole process.

Did you have several accommodation options in different cities? Or how did you decide on which city to go?

No, I did not have accommodation options. So based on the accommodation need, we (DCS and I) decided on the city. At first, DCS found an accommodation option for me which didn’t work out so I was referred to a long stay hotel apartment near my hospital and doctor.

Did you have a visa when you started the process with DCS?

Yes I did

Did you tell the Visa consular office that you were going to the US to have your baby?

I told them I was considering it.

Wow!! Were you not afraid they’d deny you the visa?

No I was not. It was important thing for me to be truthful about my intentions whether confirmed or not.

What questions did they ask you? And how long was the duration you were allowed?

I was asked questions like ‘How much do you earn? Where do you work?  Are you pregnant? Have you travelled before? etc’ . I was given a 2 years visa.

At how many months of pregnancy did you finally travel to the US? And did you have any issues when you were entering the US?

I travelled at 34 weeks and I did not have any issues when entering the US.

Of all our clients, you had one of the shortest stays in the US post-delivery- two weeks to be precise. How did you do that?

Well, I knew I needed to leave the US on time so I constantly followed up with the Birth Certificate and went to pick it up myself. I also expedited the passport issuance and got my baby’s Nigerian visa in about 3 days. I was also lucky to get the social security card just the day before leaving the US.

All this sounds so simple 🙂. Seriously, how were you able to get the baby’s US passport, Nigerian visa etc within that short time?

Since I was in Houston, I applied for the US passport at the Regional Passport Agency and I got the passport same day. You are allowed to expedite and apply at this office once you show proof that you will be leaving the US in less than 2 weeks. For the Nigerian visa, DCS helped with that.

Health wise, were you fit enough to travel?

Yes, I was fit to travel.

You know people say travelling with infants by air when they are too young can negatively affect their ear drums… that true? What was your experience with your baby?

I don’t agree it is true. My daughter was fine all through the trip. I also made sure she was nursing or sleeping during take-off and landing.

Did you have any time during the whole process; that you were most grateful that you made the decision to have your baby in the US? If yes, when and can you tell us more about it?

I can’t really pinpoint a specific time but I was grateful for the entire trip.

What advice would you give expectant moms who want to also have their babies in the US?

Use DCS 🙂

Thanks alot Sola for your time and sharing your story. Hey moms…now you know what you need to do if you really do need to get back to your home country within record timings. Choose a city that has a Regional Passport Agency (or at least close to one), be on top of all the details and of course, if you would be returning to Nigeria, use the Deluxe Newborn Nigerian Visa Service, it’s fast, reliable and trusted.

Till we are back with the next mom….remain blessed and if you are an expectant parent, we are looking forward to being of service to you soon!!


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