Hi, I am Iphie Chuks-Adizue, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Deluxe Childbirth Services. We work with expectant parents interested in giving birth in USA do so the right way, within reasonable costs and stress-free.

As a mother of 3 children born in the US; I had lots of people asking me questions like ‘When did you apply for your visa; before or during your pregnancy?’, ‘How much did the entire process cost?’, ‘Which is the best port of entry into the US in terms of immigration friendliness?’ ‘At how many months of pregnancy do I need to leave my country for the US?’ etc.

I also realized that most of these people were positively surprised to find out that the cost of childbirth in the US can actually be reasonable and affordable especially with proper planning.

This prompted me to start Deluxe Childbirth Services; and since launch in February 2012, we have worked with over 200 parents to have their children in the US within affordable costs.

And now it’s your turn to learn more and start out on the right path to delivering your baby in the US within reasonable costs.

More often than not, I have seen couples who can afford to give birth in USA decide not to because of ‘mis- information’ from the internet or even from friends and family resident in the US. While for those who decided to take the plunge, a few were denied entry into the US; some denied visas afterwards or even had to pay ‘crazy’ bills post child-birth.

Did you know that with proper planning, you can actually give birth in USA the right way, within a $6,000 budget (or even less) for a Normal delivery and without destroying your chances of visiting the US in future?

That’s why I’m so excited to share a juicy FREE training video series with you today. In this video series, you’ll learn
•    Real truths about having your baby in the US vs. the ‘myths’.
•    The Top Mistakes Expectant Mothers make that leads to Visa denial or being refused entry into the US; and proven ways to avoid them.
•    The Common Mistakes parents make when planning to have their baby in the US that leads to ‘outrageous’ medical bills.
•    Additional things to consider when seeking to get the best childbirth costs in the US.

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