Getting affordable US Childbirth costs: The Maryland Experience

Wow!!! Welcome to our blog. It’s been a week since we re-launched the Deluxe Childbirth site….and it sure has been a busy week. In this blog, I’ll be sharing with you our most recent work, the challenges faced but most importantly, the lessons learnt from it so that you can better plan towards having your baby in the US within reasonable costs.

This week, we worked on getting a Maternity Cost Quote for this lovely couple from Nigeria. Interestingly, the wife was already in the US (Maryland) and was getting really high costs from the doctor and hospital. For perspective, her hospital cost alone was over $7,000 and this did not include doctor’s fees and newborn’s medical costs. They were looking at a possible total medical cost of between $12,000 to $15,000 at a minimum just for a vaginal delivery!!!!

Well, this couple were referred to us by a friend; and they opened up to us on the fact that they had actually found a hospital and a doctor but theirs costs were quite expensive; and after visiting our website, they would like to know if we could get them anything more affordable. I was definitely on the same page with them on something more affordable!!!

Anyway, my commitment to them was we would do what we do best – look for the most affordable costs. We checked the costs for a normal delivery at over 6 hospitals and 3 birthing centers….and boy, are the costs of delivery in Maryland expensive or what!!!! However, in our usual persistent spirit, we kept searching until we finally found the one :).

A Birthing Center with over 12years of birthing experience, excellent reviews, within close proximity to a hospital just in case there were complications and only 30mins from their residence….and to the interesting part…the total medical costs (Pre-natal, delivery, post-natal and new born costs) was $6400 only!!!! Over a 50% savings versus what they had gotten initially.

And then there was a challenge. My client was 36 weeks pregnant and past the age at which they would take on her care. I’m sure we spoke to everyone in the center trying to convince them to take her on :). We finally got them to review her medical records….and she was finally accepted especially since the pregnancy had been uncomplicated so far and it was her third baby.

Ok enough of the stories….I do love telling stories. So what can be taken out from this to help our future decisions with regards to giving birth in the US. For me, the lesson from this experience is that as much as possible, interested parents need to do the following before coming to the US.

  • Check their options to be better prepared – Birthing Facilities, Costs, Payment terms etc.
  • Be clear on the Pre-natal care giver and Birthing facility they will use.
  • Be accepted by the Pre-natal care giver and have secured their first appointment.

This way your costs and the head-aches are less. For example, we would have gotten a discount of over $2,100 if she had paid by her 32nd week of pregnancy; and total fee would have been $4,300. Well, like they say ‘It’s not over, until it’s over’…so we are still working on getting them some discount even if its $1,000 only.

So this one is to you; D and S…Wishing you a safe delivery of your precious little one!!!

Update 1: Want to access more affordable childbirth costs in the USA, click here to get the costs of childbirth in the Top 10 Most Visited US Cities for FREE.


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