Giving Birth In USA Series 1- Benefits of a USA Childbirth

Giving Birth in a country other than one’s home country or country of residence is becoming a pretty popular trend…nicely known as ‘Birth Tourism’. I’ve seen people have their babies in countries like the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa and the UAE. Speaking with some of these parents, usually the key factor being searched for is better healthcare and the prospect of a better life for their child who in some cases will become a citizen of his/her country of birth.

I still think the US is the best country to have your baby if you are open to giving birth abroad. Not only is the USA one of the most sought after countries to visit, live and/or work; but its healthcare system is also very good, they offer immediate citizenship to your baby upon birth and it’s not a crime to give birth in the USA as a visitor as long as you pay all your bills.

With this post, I’ll be sharing the top seven benefits accruable to you and your baby if you give birth in the USA; and they are:

1• Access to Excellent Healthcare Facilities and Personnel: With the pitiable state of Maternal care in most developing countries of the world, giving birth to your baby in the US equals access to unparalleled healthcare with really experienced and kind doctors and nurses. The first time I had a baby in the US, I was quite surprised to see that I had my own personal nurse who was constantly checking on me and hardly left my side. Even when I felt I was not pushing well; she kept encouraging me, telling me I was doing great and I’d soon smile. For me, that was extra ordinary as I would not have gotten that even in the top hospitals in my home country.

Furthermore, did you know that when your baby’s heart beat is low; even if the contractions come you should not push as it might harm your baby? This information is not used in most developing countries because the baby’s heart-beat is not even monitored!! In the USA, birthing rooms are equipped with devices which monitor your vitals especially the heart-beat of the baby. When his/her heart beat gets too low, they give you oxygen to help increase it thereby reducing the chances of having a still birth.

2• Enter and exit the United States freely: As a citizen of the US, your baby can enter the United States freely without need for a visa. If you are a citizen of a country that allows dual citizenship, then your baby can actually enter both the US and his home country freely without need for a visa as long as he/she has both countries international passports.

3• Travel to over 40 countries of the world without need for a visa: In addition to free entry in the US, you baby also does not need a visa to visit all 38 countries currently in the US Visa Waiver Program (VWP) as long as the visit is for 90days or less. This includes countries like the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Australia and Belgium just to mention a few.

In addition, US citizens can also visit Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico and Bermuda without needing a visa. Can you imagine that? So in future, as you plan your vacations to any of these countries, at least the cost of getting our child a visa will be zero. Imagine the savings!!

4• The right to sponsor his family to come to the US: Once your child is 21 years, he/she can file for permanent residency status (green card) for parents and siblings; hence free entry and exit into the US for them as well. Once he/she gets married, he/she can also apply for the spouse and any unmarried children below 21 years.

5• Access to government benefits: As a citizen, your child has access to several benefits once the requirements are met. For example, US citizens have access to more educational scholarships, grants and government assisted loans; the cost of education for a US citizen is significantly less than that of an international student; and even upon graduation, US citizen graduates are better preferred for jobs than international students.

6• The right to run for public office and apply for certain State and Federal jobs: There are certain US government agency jobs that are exclusively for US citizens. By having your baby in the US, he/she has the right to apply for these jobs.

7• The right to vote: Finally, your child has the right to vote and be voted for. In essence, your child has the opportunity to be the president of the US!!!

So what do you think? Aren’t these benefits quite interesting?

Ready to give these to your unborn child? Next step….know the costs involved :-). Download our FREE Report on the Costs of Childbirth in the Top US Cities to learn more. 


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