Giving Birth In USA Series 2- Getting Your Visa

In planning your trip, the first step is getting access into the United States. If you do not have a valid visa, then you’d need to apply for one immediately. Due to the large number of people desiring to travel to the US, you will most likely get an appointment date at least 1-3 months in the future. So the best time to apply is once you are ready to start having babies.

It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant already or not; and we will cover what you need to have to ensure you are well-prepared for your visa interview even is visibly pregnant. The process starts with applying to the US embassy in your country of residence.

1. Pay the non-refundable visa application fee of $165. In most countries, the US embassy receives this payment in local currency at selected banks (walk-in and online payments depending on the bank). In order to make these payments, you will need to present a photocopy of your Personal data page of your international passport. Upon payment at the bank, you will receive a receipt, please keep it safe as you will need it.

Quick Tips! You do not have to personally make the payment, you can delegate this task to someone. Your receipt is valid for only one year and you MUST book an interview within one year of purchase otherwise it will expire.

2. Complete your Visa Application form (DS160):  Fill out the Online Visa Application Form and submit once completed. Things to note while filling the form are below:

–  The interview location you select at the beginning of the DS-160 form must be the same location where you schedule your interview appointment.

– The visa type being applied for is a ‘B’ class; and when asked to specify, it’s B2 – Tourism/Medical Treatment.

– The DS-160 “times out” after 20 minutes without user activity, and your data will be lost. To safeguard against data loss, click the “Save” button frequently and download the file to your local computer.

– The completed DS-160 application form will generate an alpha-numeric barcode confirmation page. Print this page.

– Once you have printed the barcode confirmation page, hit the “Back” button on your web browser and then email yourself a backup copy of the DS-160.

3. Schedule your Appointment: Go to the CGI visa appointment website for the U.S. Mission to the country where you are applying from (e.g. www.ustraveldocs.com/ng for Nigeria) and click on the green “Apply Now” button on the upper right side of the screen.

Your details will be needed to create a profile for you. You will be asked to indicate where you would like to apply and where you would like to pick up your travel documents should you qualify for a visa.

4. Prepare for the interview: You will need the following documents for your interview at the US embassy:

– A passport valid for travel to the United States with a validity date at least six months beyond your intended period of stay in the United States.

– Your visa application fee payment receipt

– Your Visa Application Form (DS-160) confirmation page.

– Two (1) 2″x2″ (5cmx5cm) photographs.

– Your Interview Appointment Letter.

In addition, Section 214(b) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act presumes that every B-1/B-2 applicant is an intending immigrant. You must overcome this legal presumption by showing the consular officer supporting documents which indicate that the purpose of your trip to the U .S. is for a temporary visit, such as business, pleasure, or medical treatment; and you plan to remain in the U.S. for a specific, limited period of time. Supporting document that shows vidence of funds to cover your expenses while in the United States; and that you have a residence outside the U.S., as well as other binding social or economic ties, that will ensure your return abroad at the end of your visit.

Consular officers look at each application individually and consider professional, social, cultural and other factors. They may also look at your specific intentions, family situation, and your long-range plans and prospects within your country of residence.

Your supporting documents should therefore include:

– Current proof of income in form of past 6months pay-slips and duly signed and stamped Bank statement.

– A letter from your employer detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed, any authorized vacation, and the business purpose, if any, of your U.S. trip.

– Evidence of tax payments, property or business ownership, or assets (if any)

– If you are a self-employed, you will need to have evidence of your position in the company and your remuneration.

– If visiting a relative or friend, you will need a letter of invitation from the person and colored photocopies of his/her proof of status (e.g. Green Card, Copy of Passport Page, valid visa etc.). If staying at a hotel, you’d need a confirmed hotel booking.

– Your travel itinerary and/or a clear explanation about your planned trip. A reservation is fine.

– If you have a criminal record, you will need to show the criminal/court records pertaining to any arrest or conviction anywhere, even if you completed your sentence or were later pardoned.

– If you have had a baby in the United States before, you will need to have all receipts showing you paid all your medical bills.

– If you are already pregnant, you will need to show proof that you have a doctor in the US willing to be your ante-natal care giver and the funds to cover your medical bills. This should be in form of a written consent from your doctor or hospital in the US and a bank statement showing a regular flow on reasonable funds into your account.

Quick Tips! In the passport photograph, you should not wear glasses…they want to see your eyes. Unless worn daily for religious reasons, all hats or headgear should be removed for the photo. If worn daily for religious purposes, then a signed statement from the applicant must be submitted with the application verifying the item is worn daily for religious reasons. The background for the passport photograph should be white or off-white. With regards your supporting documents, unless where stated otherwise, original documents are always preferred over photocopies. Do not fax, email or mail any supporting documents to the Embassy.

5. Attend your interview: The following tips should help you on the day of the interview:

– Ensure you get to the embassy on time.

– Dress smartly.

– Have all your documents in an envelope.

– You will not be allowed into the embassy with your bag or phone; so you can leave them in the car.

– When talking to the consular officer, speak audibly, answer questions truthfully and confidently. Maintain eye contact and don’t give the impression that you are nervous or hiding information.

– If you are already pregnant, do not lie about it. Though you might get the visa; your response and subsequent baby delivery in the US are usually inputted in the system. Hence, this could negatively affect future visa requests for both you and your family members.

6. Track and/or pick up your passport: After your interview, the consular officer will tell you when you can pick up your passport from the document pick-up address you selected when scheduling your visa interview.

Best of luck!!

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