Giving Birth In The USA Series 3- Managing Your Total Costs (Pt.2)

Last article, we started on how to manage your total costs for giving birth in USA by sharing the different costs one will possibly incur and listing out two factors to consider in a quest to make your bills as affordable as possible. If you did not read that article, click here to access it.

Today’s article continues with the remaining factors to consider in order to keep your total costs as low as possible.

If you choose to have your baby in a hospital, you need to answer the following questions:

a. Which hospital will you use? With your location decided, the next step is to find out using Google search, the biggest hospitals in that city; and then check for which of its women’s health branches is closest to where you will be staying. After identifying the hospitals closest to you, you need to call or mail the hospitals to find out how much their delivery costs are (vaginal and C-section; single and multiple births).

b. Which gynecologist will you use? With clarity on which hospital you will use, next step is to find a doctor who will be your ante-natal care giver and also deliver your baby. Doctors are affiliated to certain hospitals; thus you need to find a doctor who is authorized to birth babies in the hospital of your choice; and possibly whose office is also close to your home address.

You will also need to find out if the doctor is open to taking patients who are above 32weeks and how much his/her fees are and what do they cover. For this, you will also need to call the doctor’s office.

If you choose to have your baby at a birthing center, you need to decide which birthing Center you will use. In this case, all you need to do is search via Google for the birthing centers closest to where you will be staying.

After identifying the birthing centers closest to you, you will need to:

– Look through their websites for the resumes of their care givers. Ensure care-givers are certified and are experienced. The more years in practice, the better.

– Call or mail the birthing centers to find out how much their delivery costs are and all it covers.

Key to note is that birthing centers do not administer epidural or perform deliveries by C-Section. Childbirth is a purely natural process.

Irrespective of which option you choose, you would need a pediatrician for the baby after delivery. Thus the final costs you need to estimate are those for the pediatrician.

Hospital packages should contain Newborn initial screening which is done by a pediatrician. You will be asked if you have one in mind or prefer to use the one on call when you put to birth. It’s usually safer to use the one on call when you put to birth…at least with that I’m sure you will not get any extra bill.

So why do you need to plan costs for a pediatrician if the newborn screening is covered?

– You will need to circumcise your baby if a boy and/or pierce baby’s ears if a girl….these procedures are done by pediatricians.

– Upon discharge, you will be asked to book an appointment with the pediatrician for your baby’s first check-up. This also has a cost attached to it. If you chose the Birthing Center option, this might be covered in your payment.

– Finally, depending on the hospital package, the baby may get his first Hepatitis B immunization in the hospital. If this does not happen, then he/she will get the shot at the pediatrician or you can wait till you return to your home country.

If you follow the above (Pt1 and Pt2) carefully, I can guarantee you that your medical costs will be less than $10,000 especially if you’ll have uncomplicated vaginal delivery. I know this because it has worked for me and all of my clients.

So go now, take action on the above and give your unborn child one of the best gifts of our time!!….plus do feel free to share with your friends who might be interested in having their babies in the US.

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