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There is a certain energy exuded by Houston, America’s fourth largest city and the largest city in the state of Texas. Everything in this city makes a big, bold statement, from the architecture and facilities to the city’s distinction in the fields of aerospace, oil and finance. Nicknamed “Space City,” Houston is actually subdivided into several main areas such as Neartown, Downtown, North Loop, West Loop, South Loop and Outside 610. It is a diverse and progressive city with a large and growing international community.

The Climate

With a climate that can be considered as humid subtropical, you don’t have to worry about winter months. It doesn’t really get too cold in Houston even in winter, just pleasantly cool. Summers can get quite hot though, during these months common temperature can reach to over 90°F. To cope with the heat, people use air conditioning in every vehicle and building. Houston was once described as the “most air-conditioned place on earth”. Although Houston is not considered as part of the “Tornado Alley” like most of Texas, it still does has its share of hurricanes so you may want to avoid that season. The best months to go would be April and October.


Transportation in Houston is quite limited. People often travel through cars. Public transportation is available in the form of the Metro and taxis. Walking or riding the bicycle can be quite challenging in Houston because of the heat and the distances.

Places to visit include: 

The Galleria Mall, located just outside the 610 Loop in the Uptown District of Houston, is the largest mall in Texas and the eighth largest in the United States. The prestigious Forbes Magazine even ranked it as one of the world’s best shopping malls.
Galleria Houston
The Johnson Space Center is the official visitors’ center for NASA’s Johnson Space Center where visitors get to experience the dramatic sensory encounter of an actual space shuttle blast off, try their skills at landing the shuttle or even retrieving a satellite through the different high-tech interactive simulators.
Space Center Houston

Average Childbirth Costs

Houston is one of the best cities to have a baby. Our best cost for having a baby in this city is $5300 for a Normal delivery and $8000 for a C-Section delivery. This cost includes the Hospital, OBGYN and Paediatrician fees; as well as anaesthesia for the C-Section delivery. You might be able to enjoy these costs depending on where exactly in Houston you’d be staying at.

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