New policy on notarization of Parental Consent Form for your baby’s US Passport processing

Heya! When you have your baby in the US, he or she needs a US passport in order to make international trips. However, in order to submit your baby’s US Passport application, both parents and baby need to be physically present. If one of the parents will not be present; he/she needs to fill and sign the Parental Consent form and get it notarized.

Well, there have been recent changes in the source of notarization needed for Parental Consent forms; and I thought I’d share so you can plan accordingly.

Q1: Will your spouse be in the US for the delivery and after the baby arrives? If yes, then there is no need to read this article as you can both submit the application together OR even if he will not be available for the application submission, he can fill the Parental Consent Form and have it notarized in the US.

Q2: Will your spouse be unavoidable absent after the baby is born? If yes, then you need to read this blog article. Reason is because the only notarization now accepted in the US is the notarization done in the US Embassy in your home country. Yep! Now your spouse/partner would have to take the Parental Consent Form to the US embassy in the country where he is resident to get it notarized and then send you the original hard copy before you can start the baby’s US Passport processing.

So here you go….

Please find below the guidelines on notarization of parental consent form for US Passport as outlined by the United States Diplomatic Mission in Nigeria. 

The only notary public in Nigeria that is recognized in the United States is a U.S. Consular Officer at the Embassy/Consulate.

Notary services are available to all U.S. passport holders and to foreign nationals for documents destined to be used in the United States. The fee for the Notary services is US $50 or Nigerian Naira equivalent. US $50 is charged for each notary seal stamp administered by the officer on the document. The exchange rate at the Embassy and Consulate General is 165 Naira to one dollar. 

Consent forms for Consular Services are free of charge. Based in the experience of our dads who have gone through this process, the parental consent forms for your baby’s US passport falls under this category of ‘free of charge’ service. However, just go with cash in case the policy changes at any time. 

Preparation for a notary appointment

1. Before you come to the Embassy/Consulate, read your document(s) through carefully and make sure you understand the document(s).  If a document is not clear, check with the office or organization requiring the notarized document or your legal advisor.  Consular staff cannot explain your document(s) to you.

2. Know exactly where you are meant to sign. The consular staff cannot advise you in any way on what is required of you for your document so come to the Embassy fully prepared.

3. Mark every page where the notary needs to sign, with a marker sticker sticking out of the document.  Also make clear which pages should be attached to each other, for instance with a paper clip.

4. Fill in the document(s) with the appropriate names, places and dates.  However, DO NOT sign your document – you will sign under oath at the Embassy before a Consular Officer.

5. Bring personal identification, preferably your passport.

6. Bring the entire document(s), even if only one page is to be notarized.

Notary Services in Nigeria

Notary Services in Abuja and Lagos require an appointment. To make an appointment in Abuja, click here; for Lagos, click here.  

For other countries, please visit the US Embassy website of your country; and search for Notary Services under US Citizens Service tab.

Wait Times for Notary Services

Please be aware that wait times for notaries range from 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of customers. Generally speaking, the earlier you arrive, the shorter your wait.  

To verify source, click here.

Take care then!



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