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The Season of Love Offer – 15% OFF


Your dream of having your baby in the USA is special to us. Being on this page means it’s also important to you as well; and so in celebration of Valentine’s Day; we want to make it even easier to bring your US Childbirth dream to life.

For a LIMITED time, this special offer gives you the opportunity to enjoy a 15% discount on our services!

With this offer, you will get access to the best costs of childbirth in any city of your choice in the USA that you plan to stay at. Specifically, you will receive the following:

i) The list of Birthing Facilities around your planned residence, the drive time and their discounted costs so you make a choice.

ii) The list of OBGYNs at your preferred facility, the drive time to their offices as well as their discounted fees so you make a choice.

iii) Breakdown of other medical costs to expect; as well as cost estimates for intra-city transportation to your hospital and doctor visits.

OR If you have nowhere to stay in the USA or you wish to stay alone, you get access to our All-Inclusive Birth Packages with total medical costs starting from as low as $5,400 only and includes the following:

i) Access to excellent hospitals and health professionals in Arizona, Texas, Georgia and Missouri.

ii) Hospital cost for mom and baby during delivery

iii) Prenatal care with US-Board certified OBGYNs

iv) Third trimester routine lab tests – Group B Strep and Rubella

v) Prenatal ultrasound examination

vi) Post-partum care for mom and baby

vii) Paediatrician fees for hospital visit and 2 subsequent office follow-up visits post discharge

viii) Breastfeeding classes by US-Board certified lactation consultants

You will also get the below additional services:

1. Securing the consent of your chosen OBGYN to handle your care while in the US; and booking your first appointment.

2. An official appointment confirmation documentation from your chosen OBGYN; needed for your visa interview if you don’t have a visa yet and during entry into the USA

3. Accommodation reservation (for those without where to stay in the US)

4. US Visa application processing services. Specifically you’ll get step-by-step video tutorials on how to fill your DS-160 form and schedule your visa appointment; template for your host’s letter of invitation etc.

5. US Visa Interview, Travel and Point of Entry advisory services; complete with questions to expect and how to respond.

6. Step-by-Step guide on how to process your newborn’s US Citizenship within fastest possible timings

7. Month -by-Month information on pregnancy stage and what to expect

8. Your personal Account Manager for 1:1 support all through the childbirth journey

9. All our love and care!!

Purchase Our Childbirth Service TODAY and let’s work with you as we have done for over 200 clients to turn your desire to have your baby in the USA into a reality!

Wondering if this is really necessary? The question I’d ask you would be “Why risk failure especially when you have the chance to get this right once and for all and get even better cost options?”

You have made the decision already to have your baby in the US….don’t just leave this in the hands of fate. Get the right team working with you on this!

You have your dream for your baby….and you can count on us for the roadmap to make it a reality.

Purchase Our Childbirth Service TODAY and I’ll throw in these Exclusive Offers

  • Free E-book to help enhance your individuality and financial well-being – ‘How to Identify Your Money-Making Idea’; specifically for women who desire to be impactful in business.
  • An opportunity to save a mom’s life; as 20% of your payment will be set aside for Project Mom Alive, a non-profit initiative focused on reducing maternal mortality in Africa.

Let’s be honest with each other. You may not have budgeted to purchase this service just yet….but you know you are looking at a great deal which will make your unborn child say ‘Thank you Mom or Dad’ sometime soon…and anyway, I’d be honored to get your business.

You’re Now Standing At A Crossroad….

Which Side will You Choose? I trust you will make the right decision to give our Childbirth Service a try.

Just DO IT!

Purchase our Childbirth Service today
and let's work with you to turn your desire to have your baby in the US into a success!!!
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