Terms Of Service

We welcome you to the services of “Deluxe Childbirth Services “. Our aim is to deliver high quality and affordable products that allow our customers experience excellent childbirth services in the US. We act as a partner through your journey from the initial consultation through to your return journey home.

For your information, the following points highlight the obligations between yourself and us:

Responsibilities and Limitations of Liability

  • Deluxe Childbirth Services is not itself providing you with any goods or services in the capacity of a principal. The Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Medical Personnel and other providers, like hotels, travel agents etc, directly provide all goods and services to you, including consultations, treatments, accommodation and travel. The responsibilities of Deluxe Childbirth Services are limited to facilitating contact with, and providing information about the medical costs of your relevant procedure in the selected countries we cover, including the physician qualifications; and this disclosed information is provided in order to aid you in making well informed decisions.
  • Where you purchase our All-Inclusive package, Deluxe Childbirth Services staff will recommend preferred, qualified and specific healthcare facilities and medical personnel based on their affordability across US cities. This is in order to ensure proper care at minimal costs while using Deluxe Childbirth Services as a childbirth end-to-end service provider specialist.
  • All referenced Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Medical Personnel and suppliers are not sub-contractors to Deluxe Childbirth Services; and Deluxe Childbirth Services does not make any express or implied representation or warranty that any goods or services provided by the Hospitals, Birthing Centers, Medical Personnel and its suppliers, to you will be fit for the required or desired purpose or delivered by them with reasonable care and skill.
  • Neither Deluxe Childbirth Services nor any of its officers, employees, or directors are by no means medical professionals and do not provide any advice on issues relating to medical treatment or well-being. All advice given to you on visa application, best time to travel and entry into the US are based on experience with past clients; and do not in any way constitute a guarantee of getting a US Visa upon application, of being allowed to board an airplane while pregnant and/or of entry into the US.
  • Deluxe Childbirth Services does not accept any liability of any nature for the acts, omissions, or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of the hospitals, birthing centers, medical personnel, and its suppliers, with respect to the provision of goods and services to you directly or indirectly in connection with any service organised by Deluxe Childbirth Services on your behalf. Deluxe Childbirth Services does not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses, or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, or which are unpreventable on our part. Deluxe Childbirth Services will not be liable for damages from any event that was unexpected or could not have been reasonably foreseen.
  • We do our best to ensure that the research from childbirth costs has been compiled, obtained, discerned, or interpolated from reliable and trustworthy sources, and therefore believe the costs shared are accurate as at the date of sharing with you; but are subject to change without prior notice from the healthcare facilities, personnel or other suppliers. As such, Deluxe Childbirth Services does not guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the public information disclosed to you.

Our Fees and Services

  • All fees for our products and/or services are made in full prior to service commencement; are non-refundable and the product and/or service is not transferrable from one party to another.
  • Purchase of any of our services does not serve as a guarantee to get a US Visa upon application; as the final decision on visa issuance is made by the Visa Consular Officer during your visa appointment. We will however provide clients with the needed documentation from the OBGYN or Hospital for the interview; and  offer visa advisory services based on successes of past clients.
  • With purchase of our services, clients can choose only 1 option from the list of options shared per time. For example, with the Deluxe Personalized Service, we will start the task by sharing a Hospital list. Clients are expected to make one choice based on which we pull out the OBGYN list and share with the client to choose 1 OBGYN who we will work with to accept the client as a patient.
    • Clients may not change their hospital choice once we have pulled out the OBGYN list for the initially chosen hospital. Requests to change hospitals at this stage will incur additional cost. In the case of changes driven by unexpected changes in medical condition etc; this fee may be waived subject to management approval.
    • Clients may not change their choice of OBGYN once we have gotten them accepted by the OBGYN and have the confirmation letter issued.
    • After we have booked a client’s first appointment with the OBGYN, a client can change this date once and we would still get the client an updated confirmation letter stating the new appointment date. Any subsequent changes and getting an updated confirmation letter will be handled by the client.
  • With the purchase of the All-Inclusive Package, clients need to choose 1 package from the list of options. All individual packages come with a pre-selected Birth Facility, OBGYN (if a Hospital) and accommodation option. Where the client would prefer to have more options to choose from i.e. Birth facility, Medical Personnel or Accommodation; we can share more options to a maximum of 5 hospitals, 5 OBGYNs and/or 3 accommodation options subject to availability. Note that all accommodation options in the All-Inclusive Package are long-stay Hotel apartments. If the client desires to lease an apartment, this is a separate service.
  • All fees quoted on the website are for access/links to medical facilities, personnel and suppliers in one city only. If more than one city, a different fee applies. Kindly contact Deluxe Childbirth Services for more details.
  • By purchasing any of our personalized services such as the Deluxe Personalized Service, All-Inclusive Birth Packages, Pre-Conception Fertility Exams, Annual Wellness Checks etc; you are:
    1. Granting Deluxe Childbirth Services permission to make inquiries on your behalf; and book appointments with your preferred care-giver on your behalf.
    2. Agreeing to assume all associated responsibilities for your choice of doctors, medical personnel, health care providers, or medical procedures undertaken when choosing to use Deluxe Childbirth Services as a consulting service. Deluxe Childbirth Services assumes no responsibility or liability for any treatment or other services rendered by any doctor, or for any malpractice claims and other claims that may arise directly or indirectly from any such advice, treatment or other services.
    3. Acknowledging that Deluxe Childbirth Services will be handling your Medical records; this may be covered by various medical secrecy provisions, and authorises Deluxe Childbirth Services to handle this data. Deluxe Childbirth Services will treat any information submitted by you in the strictest confidence and will share information as necessary only with your preferred healthcare providers.

Travel arrangements

  • Travel arrangements to the United States of America, are your responsibility unless specifically agreed with Deluxe Childbirth Services otherwise. You assume responsibility to ensure you have adequate funds on you to cover your medical bills. Any quotation of costs by Deluxe Childbirth Services does not include, unless specifically stated, allowance for food, drink, incidental expenditure, transport, or other expenditure of this nature.
  • You shall assume responsibility for securing all necessary permissions, visas, and documents to enter the United States of America.
  • You are responsible for arriving on time for your doctor’s appointments. No responsibility is accepted for late arrival, or for missing your flight, for late arrival of connecting aircraft, for delays at check-in, or any other circumstances instigating or influencing your ina¬bility to arrive for appointments.


  • These terms and conditions govern and are an integral part of the contract between yourself and Deluxe Childbirth Services. This Contract is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; and this contract only comes into existence with the purchase of any of Deluxe Childbirth Services products and/or services..