Deluxe Childbirth is a great company that makes your dream come into reality. This is my second birthing experience with this great company and it has always been the same awesome testimony. I will refer the entire world to this great company if I can because the services from A - Z is super 'wowsome' :-) Thanks for making me find you Deluxe Childbirth, thanks for your existence and dream come through support. Thanks to the management and staff of this great firm, you all work as one aiming to give the best support to your clients. May GOD bless you all and expand your company in JESUS' name.
I would like to say thank you once again to you and your team for working with me and satisfying my every need. Getting my US visa with the assistance of my Client Account Manager was very successful and entering the U.S. without too many questions asked at the Immigration Port of Entry was a dream come true. Even my mum in law here with me in America knew when I started the process and talks highly of your firm. My bundle of joy (a boy)arrived on Sunday afternoon. All Glory and thanks to God. We are back home now and doing just fine. Thank you so much once again. I pray the Almighty God would continue to use people like you to bless others. God bless you Ma. I'm indeed a very happy Client.
"I was extremely happy with my overall experience. Without any family member or friend to rely on, Deluxe Childbirth Services helped me to achieve my dream of having my first baby in the US this year. I am from Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo and I didn’t know where to start my project ... I found DCS thanks to Google. My relatives were a little bit worried because I trusted a foreign service that no one I know has experienced before. I have said to myself, let’s see where we go. Everything went smoothly. I can’t deny that I was worried about the visa process; it was my first time in the US… But Deluxe Childbirth Services helped me in everything. Booked appointment with a very good OBGYN, secured the documentation required by US visa and immigration, suggested an affordable and pleasant accommodation, sent a breakdown for major expenses, detailed visa and citizenship process for my baby…Everything was covered. I remember insisting on the fact that I have never been in the US before and I was afraid of being denied the entry because of my pregnancy. And I have always been reassured by my counsellor. When arrived in Atlanta, I felt like home because everything was already arranged... Thank you very much for this excellent service that I will recommend any one and that I would be happy to use again."  
Working with Iphie and DCS team has been a great pleasure. I never knew that having a baby in the US could be so stress free and reasonable but Iphie made it possible so easily not only with her great customer service and friendly attitude but prompt response and proper information and guidelines that she provides you with that makes each and every step so easy. I am so lucky to have found you and would recommend all couples planning on having birth in US to use Deluxe Childbirth services without any second thought. From prebirth registration and procedures to post birth paper work, DCS has it all organized and covered for you in the most convenient way possible. Thank You for being there. Keep up the great work DCS team! Love you All!!!
‘My wife and I wanted to have our baby in the US but we were not sure about a lot of things. To start with, we were not sure if we will be given the visa since she was already pregnant, we were also not sure how much it would cost us. However, working with Deluxe Childbirth Services has definitely cleared our doubts about everything. Working with Iphie especially has been rewarding too! They helped us secure a hospital, doctor and accommodation in Texas seamlessly at very affordable costs. Infact we have our first doctor appointment scheduled already. Furthermore, Iphie gave us a prep talk on the eve of our visa interview about what to expect and how to answer the possible questions we were likely to be asked. Long story short, we got our visas and our dream of having our baby in the US is a reality. There is no need second guessing yourself about what to do or where to start from. Work with Iphie and her team and your dream of having a baby in the US will be a reality. Thank you’
‘Fantastic organization! Excellent service delivery!! That's what we can say concerning DCS. I remember the night I received a call and got introduced to DCS by a a point when we were in dire need of information and guidance. I was very sceptical at first but DCS stepped in and filled that gap smoothly! All through the period, all we needed to do was call or send a mail and then relax, waiting for a response. Even when plans kept changing due to unforeseen circumstances, Deluxe kept accommodating the changes’.
‘I would confidently say that Deluxe Childbirth Services is the best thing to happen to any pregnant woman. They follow up with the processes involved in childbirth from start to finish. They have empathy for their clients and are more interested in the satisfaction of their clients than monetary gains’.
‘I have been impressed with your prompt and professional service. I am particularly glad that it was through Deluxe Childbirth Services that I obtained U.S visa at first attempt notwithstanding that I was visibly pregnant. It is my pleasure to give my wholehearted recommendation of your services to my family and friends. I am so full of thanks’.
‘When I first stumbled on this deluxe childbirth website, I thought it was a scam but there was no harm in calling and making inquiries right? I called and from that moment on I was impressed. Step by step they guided me through what I would need to know and have; from the visa application to air ticket, taxi/transportation cost, hospital cost and even documentation process. I and the team have now formed a solid relationship that can never be broken. You ask WHY? It’s simple. I followed through their step-by-step guidelines and it worked. I am back in Nigeria with 7weeks old son, his blue passport and absolutely no holes in me and my hubby s pockets. The DCS Team are so professional that even when I asked the most ridiculous questions, they were always there to answer me and nicely too. Please note I have never met them in person. I do not even know if they are a team of male or female, black or white, we have only dealt via telephones and emails. It’s true, it’s real and I am so happy I made a decision that would surely impact positively in my son’s future progress. I can authoritatively tell u I spent less than $8000 for Caesarean Section birth and this includes the total delivery, doctor and baby cost. It’s true and so real’.
‘I stumbled on Iphie online when we were planning for our first baby. I was quite impressed by her professional approach and depth of knowledge and immediately signed up for one of the child birth plans. What I found most inspiring was the prompt, courteous and truly exceptional customer service. She provided all the guidance we required throughout the entire process and carefully researched the cheapest medical costs. Indeed exceeded all my expectations and happy to recommend their services’.